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Mar. 26th, 2010

shopping with kai yi

kai yi took a weekday leave from work and we head down to 313 for shopping~
been there twice for food, hence we decided to be there for shopping this time round.

we walked the 5 levels of f21, and our loots is a whoopy $200 odd.
kai yi got herself a pair of pretty chanel earrings too!
she wanted to get the classic cavier wallet but they have no stock already! boohoo.. we both agree that it's the nicest among all others.
and we ended up walking into more boutiques to look for something that may eventually replace her crave for her chanel wallet.

in which we settled at hans for dinner without any new wallet for her.

hungry kai yi

here comes her fried rice!

after a good meal~

I had 3 times of aglio olio for that week!
I concluded that hans can't do aglio olio.. and i think the one at international business park still the best!!

oh-oh... cravings!


Mar. 14th, 2010

kawaii kitty cat~

on me by yours truly.. hehe =)
they made me smile just by looking at them.

Feb. 1st, 2010

(no subject)

yeah~! it's February and I had a blastful January!

2 important things to be happy about
1) had been doing lots of gel nails and I'm happy with the new investment of new gel set
2) had a saccharine birthday dinner at singapore flyer~ private capsule can!! =)


more things to celebate in February~~~
1) cny appts are not full yet but I'm happy with the appts I have on hand now
2) more gel nails appt~!! yeah yeah.
3) meeting up with old friends and i'm really glad i still have them with me.
4) relationships are improvng and i hope they get better =)

things to look really forward to in the coming months
1) hope to do more 3d nail arts
2) travel plans - langkawi confirm, and 1 more to go with the family
3) happy happy happy ^-^\/

Jan. 12th, 2010

(no subject)

haven't been updating here as I've totally forgotten about this space. my bad.

it's 2010 and definitely a great new start for me.
work has been picking up quite well and I'm really happy.

there are some 2009 leftovers that need to be mentioned =)
we did another gathering but a post xmas one instead.



Nov. 7th, 2009

batch gathering~

didn't expect most of them turn up for this gathering... but yeah, except calvin who's preparing for his exams, the rest turned up.
met at the central and decided to have dinner at pasta de waraku... WQ, Gary and I waited for 45mins in the q... Sam was late but still able to reach in time to join us in the queue for another 10mins or so...... faint sia..

then the rest of them who are suppose to join us after dinner for some drinks reached one by one.............. imagine changing from a 4 pax table to 6 and end up 8 of us squeezing into that table.. haha~



I must comment on this particular waitress at waraku. She's really attentive, helpful and bubbly. I troubled her to keep the table for us because the group gets bigger as we waited too long for a table.. and there's always a long queue outside the restaurant..


then it's chilling and playing games at BarDot. Oh my, the guys are hilarious. we played the dices and shen diao xia lu.. wq very farnie la.
hahha! enjoyed myself and am glad that they do too.

can't wait to see them again for the coming d&d~


Oct. 29th, 2009

10 years and, still counting..

supposed to be have a 'big' group of us. but apparently almost half on the invite list couldn't make it.

had our dinner at rong guang seafood restaurant. haha! it's my first time to have a gathering dinner at a sze cha store.
But the food is nice.. and that it makes me forget about taking photos! boo-hoo!

we had yinghui, ying qin, zhaolin, kai yi, jiahui, zhijie, and meixian joined us later.

we talked so much after the dinner and i'm so exhausted after that. haha.. we've so much to catch up and crap to talk abt. especially the wanlin!

2nd round was at breeko at almost midnight already.

took some photos this time round =)


the next time we gather, it's going to be pre-xmas. woo-hoO!


Oct. 15th, 2009

(no subject)

went to a wedding dinner in malaysia early this month. caught in the jam for almost 2 hours and lost our way for a while + a RM20 bribe for making a right turn at a junction that you're not suppoose to.
nontheless, we reach thistle hotel on time.  wee! isn't it amazing? coz I had it all planned and insist on leaving early.

food really not up to standard. singapore wedding dinner feast is even better. really. don't know why too.
took only a little photo.

in the traffic jam!

outside thistle ballroom

Enjoyed myself that night despite the early obstacle! =)

It's been raining these 2 days and it's affecting the flow of customers..
been fb-ing so much these days. back at playing RC and spot the difference..

i kinda like my hairstyle now. except that it's dry and brittle. gotta get down in doing something to it.


Oct. 8th, 2009

it comes with lots of love <3

New snack on the shelves!
It comes in various very cute packaging too!


Sep. 16th, 2009

sick again

been sick since last week. was down with a throat infection again that leads to ear & nose block.
this throat infection thingy is no joke.. i feel like killing myself. can't breathe thru the nose, hence, cant really eat properly. it sucks.

then came down with headache that leads to eyes feeling the pain........
if not for the muscle relaxant and some other pills, i'll really start banging my head against the wall.

was told that i've been worrying too much about the business.
but how can i not worry? sigh.. and there's still the competition!!! that i've yet gotten the last model, mix media not even 10% done..........

ok, god bless.

Sep. 9th, 2009

fallen leaves

by the beach on a cloudy night.. had carls jr for the very first time. oww.. I have so many food places on my list that I can really give carls a miss. The hugeass burger is nice though. and i LOVE their fries! It says 'new' on the pack - and I say hell yeah!

it was a blissful dinner and walk :)

these came really in time amidst the hectic brainwaves and busy preparing for the opening.
I'm excited yet worry...

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